Store Design

Our clientele expect a comfortable and casual dining experience when they enter a Loafin' Joe's restaurant-a place where they can come with friends and family to enjoy a delicious meal in a relaxed atmosphere. Ultimately, how you achieve this atmosphere is up to you. While most franchises dictate strict compliance with decoration concepts, Loafin' Joe's gives its Fanchisees a great deal of latitude in decorating their restaurants. Because Loafin' Joe's are located in several different structures including malls, downtown, shopping centers and free standing we believe that no one style and decorating scheme could possibly work for all restaurants. In franchising, this philosophy is unprecedented. We offer a few suggestions that should offer some helpful guidance and reference for your decor. Please feel free to express yourself and make your Loafin' Joe's unique. Although this is true, we reserve the right to approve final decorating decisions. However, such a liberal philosophy does not apply to procedures for food preparation and presentation and will be addressed in detail in the Restaurant Operations Manual.


Your contribution to the Loafin' Joe's Marketing Fund (1% of sales) contributes to regional advertising of Loafin' Joe's. This is done principally through co-op funding of your local ad campaign, plus regional television, radio, newspaper and magazine ads, and publicity and public relations campaigns. This fund is controlled by the Franchiser with advice from the Loafin' Joe's Marketing Fund Advisory Board. In addition to your contribution to the Loafin' Joe's Marketing Fund, an additional 1% of sales should be devoted to promoting your own Loafin' Joe's Restaurant within your market.


Initial Franchise Fee:
$25,000 one time fee
(NO Monthly Royalty)

Total Estimated Initial Investment:
$68,000 to $130,800 (Does not include real estate costs)


Before the Restaurant opens for business, you or your principal owner and, if we require it, certain other employees we designate, must attend and successfully complete a training program in the operation of a Loafin' Joe's Restaurant. The training program will be approximately 7 days in duration. The training program will include office or classroom instruction at our headquarters, and restaurant operation training at a training facility or restaurant we designate or at the Restaurant. There will be no tuition charge for these training programs. You must pay the expenses incurred by all of the individuals attending the training programs including travel, room, board, local transportation expenses and wages. You may not employ any individual who is unable to complete our initial training program.

For a minimum of 5 business days before, during and after the opening of the Restaurant, we will furnish to you, at the premises and at our expense, at least one of our representatives for the purpose of facilitating the opening of the Restaurant. If you request, and we agree to provide additional assistance, you must reimburse us for our expense of providing such additional assistance including salary, travel, lodging and expenses of our employees.